Tissue Culture

RAV Bioscience focuses on house plant tissue culture that we believe is an important agricultural biotechnological tool that contributes in the production of houseplants. It is one way toward commercialization to face the house plant availability challenge and enables some rare and nearly extinct plant species to be rescued and propagated. Conventional methods of propagation thus need to be supplemented with modern breeding techniques.

RAV Bioscience offer more than 80 variety of houseplant plantlet covers Anthurium, Philodendron, Syngonium, Alocasia, Homalomena, and some Indonesia Endemic plant such as Scindapsus, Raphidopora, and Schismatoglotist. RAV Bioscience offers industrial scale products and also retail products packaged in some Do It Yourself (DIY) products to introduce tissue culture plants to the public, from small children to adults.